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Herald Sun: Beating the Odds:Expanded CPR training saving lives in Durham

by Keith Upchurch

A woman was jogging with her fiancé in Durham when he collapsed from a heart attack, but she administered CPR and revived him.

First responders arrived and took over, but he might have died without her help.

Stories like that keep Capt. David Jacobs of the Durham Fire Department committed to a program that's close to his heart: Training as many Durham residents as possible in CPR.

Jacobs has worked for the past five years to bring CPR training to high schools, public housing and other areas of Durham, and his efforts are paying off.

In 2010, Jacobs visited Seattle, Washington, and was amazed that their rate of saving heart attack victims was nearly 45 percent, compared to 5 percent in Durham and rest of North Carolina.

Jacobs knew Durham could do better.

He attended a resuscitation academy in Seattle and learned they had created a foundation called Medic One that paid for equipment and advanced training for their fire department's emergency medical services (EMS) team.

That lit a fire under Jacobs, and he arranged for the foundation to sponsor the Durham Fire Department's effort to expand CPR into the community.

"All the fundraising the Durham Fire Department does is sent to them (Seattle-based Medic One)," Jacobs said. "They put it in an account. There's a one-time, 10 percent fee to manage it for us, and then they just pay bills as we buy things and train people."

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Press Release: SFFU Local 27 Endorses Lorena Gonzalez For Seattle City Council

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Press Release: SFFU Local 27 Endorses Mike O'Brien For Seattle City Council

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Kiro TV: Firefighters rescue 2 dogs from burning home

SEATTLE - Fire investigators are working to find out what ignited a fire at a home in which two dogs were rescued overnight.
The fire started around 11 p.m. Wednesday in a backyard in Seward Park.
The flames quickly shot up the back of the house and spread into the attic.
One witness said they could hear a boom from a block away.
"It sounded like a big firework went off. We looked over here and there were just big clouds of smoke and it looked like a house fire," said witness Jeffrey Owen.
The residents weren't home, but two dogs were trapped. After the rescue, firefighters reunited the owners with their pets.
Fire officials say the damage is too extensive for the residents to move back in.

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Are you doing your part?

Brothers and Sisters,
Local 27 is fully engaged in the political process to protect and support you, your family, and public safety. Our American democratic process relies on citizens and organizations for elections and for governance. Local 27 informs and supports candidates and elected officials on all issues related to fire fighters and public safety including: health and safety, training, equipment, department policies, compensation, benefits, retirement, staffing, response times, service levels, hazards, etc.
Local 27, the WSCFF, and the IAFF rely on your voluntary financial contributions to fund these efforts.
Many members already do their part and contribute, but many still do not.
If you have not yet signed up for the Local 27 SAFEPAC or the WSCFF Fastpac, or the IAFF Firepac, please follow the link below to get started now. Thank you.

Kenny Stuart
Seattle Fire Fighters Union
IAFF Local 27


Local 27 Political Action Volunteer Form


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